History & Tradition

The Sittnerhof was first mentioned in the 14th century in the tax files of the town of Merano. But the name of our farm also appears in history books referring to the Napoleonic Wars, as the then owner was a follower and supporter of the freedom fighter Andreas Hofer who fought against and resisted the French troops. Due to his conviction he had to die in November 1809 during the battle on the Monte San Benedetto. The cannon ball at the frontage of our farm still reminds us of those freedom fights that took place in Merano in 1809. Different owners are again and again mentioned in the documents of the house.


The Küchelberg hill, which is situated directly behind our farm, was used for the cultivation of grapes as early as in the Middle Ages. The terracing with numerous dry stone walls was, of course, done by hand, which is one of the reasons why we still attach great importance to using these steep slopes for agriculture. Due to the intense sunlight and the sheltered location this area is virtually ideal for cultivating an especially good wine. Our apple orchards are situated in the valley floor which allows us to use machines for working the orchards.

Thanks to further training and new varieties we could considerably improve the wine growing and apple cultivation quality during the last years and are now able to harvest grapes and apples of high quality.
Furthermore, we believe in environmentally friendly cultivation and are pleased to invite our guests to participate in vineyard visits to learn about our farm life.